Component Preparation

Tape & Reel

Reel Service has been providing Tape & Reeling services to customers since 1987.

Throughout our 36 years in business, we have invested significantly in automatic Taping & Reeling equipment to provide our customers with state-of-the-art class-leading capabilities from our diverse portfolio of  equipment.

QFN Device InspectionOur automatic placement machines utilise high resolution inspection systems which check for lead defects such as coplanarity, bent lead and pitch, along with additional inspections for mark quality, orientation, date code, lot number and part number. These inspections are carried out as an integral part of the automatic Taping & Reeling process.

Our range of Tape & Reel machines provide us with flexibility in the processing of components which can be received in tubes, trays, loose or bulk for bowl-feed.

Process Headlines:

  • Annual Tape & Reel capacity in excess of 300 million SMD devices
  • Static and humidity/ temperature controlled production environment
  • Bake and dry packaging available for moisture sensitive components
  • Customer specific processing
  • All component packages processed including connectors, shielding cans, oddform etc.
  • All processing compliant with EIA-481-F standard

Manual Tape & ReelDevices can be received in a variety of formats: wafer, film frame, strip, tray, tube or loose.  Semiconductors, electro-mechanical and mechanical devices ranging from legacy Pin Through Hole (PTH), and Surface Mount Device (SMD) to Wafer Level CSP/Die Package can all be Taped & Reeled.

High performance equipment coupled with our skilled in-house materials manufacturing division allows us to offer customers' quick turn-around times essential in supply chain considerations. In excess of 2800 Carrier Tape designs currently exist with custom tapes for new or unusual components designed and manufactured to customer specifications in a short timescale typically 1-2 weeks.

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Bare Die Tape & Reel

To complement standard Tape & Reel capability, Reel Service also offers Tape & Reel of  Wafer Level CSP/Die product using state-of-the -art automated die handlers from STI.

Industries supported include automotive, defence, aerospace, sensor, medical, cellphone, solar and RFID.

Wafer level devices may be silicon, glass, ceramic or FR4 based. Die based products, chip scale packages and flip chip devices may be processed through a number of supported processes including:


  • Film Frame Mount (up to 8" Wafers)Bumped die inspection
  • Ability to handle 12" wafers if wafers are quartered
  • Dice
  • Inspection for defects
  • Wafer to Tape & Reel
  • Waffle Pack to Tape & Reel
  • Wafer to Waffle Pack
  • Packaging and Distribution

We can also offer Class 10,000 clean-room processing if Taping & Reeling in a protected environment is required.

Bare Die/CSP Tape & Reel Headlines:

  • Annual capacity in excess of 120 million wafer level CSP/Die devices
  • Class 10k cleanroom processing
  • Inspection of die and flip chip for crack, chipping, bump coplanarity etc.
  • Taping & Reeling of Die sizes from 0.5mm square to 12mm square
  • Processing of die down to 60 micron thickness
  • All processing compliant with EIA-481-E

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Device Programming

Whether prototype, small or large volume production quantities, Reel Service offers a first class value chain proposition for all types of programmable device on the market today. Devices may be supplied on a program only basis then held at our secure facility, or programmed and delivered to order. Shipments may be made on a daily ‘ship to line’ basis to suit customer demands either in trays, tubes or Tape & Reel.  Our Strict ESD standards protect devices from static damage.

Headline Features include:

  • Wide range of devices supported
  • Wide range of manufacturers supported
  • Quick turn-around times (dependent upon programming cycle time)
  • Operating to ISO 9001:2015
  • Ink Dot Laser Marking or Polyamide printed Labels are used for Programming Identification

Reel Service operates multiple programming systems providing device programming for a cross section of device manufacturers, distributors and end users. A wide range of package outlines are supported including: MicroControllers, Flash, EEPROM and PLD.

Sample approval is obtained to verify part and program integrity prior to production volume device programming. Additionally, all program revisions are stored and backed up on our secure systems. Key Markets supported include:

  • Defence
  • Automotive
  • Industrial
  • Telecoms

Supply options:

  • Programme only
  • Consignment stocking & programming
  • Option of Tape & Reel, Bake and Dry Pack
  • Controlled Environment (ESD and Humidity)

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Laser Marking

Reel Service Ltd offer laser marking services utilising several types of laser marking technology (YAG & Fiber) supporting the serialisation, component origin and identification marking purposes across many types of industries. Markets supported include Semiconductor, Automotive, Aerospace, Oil & Gas and  Medical.

Semiconductor/Automotive Primarily applied to semiconductor packages, laser marking has a variety of applications tailored to suit customer needs. Optimum power and frequency ensures plastic & metal devices in a range of semiconductor package outlines can be etched for identification with high quality results. Typical applications include:

  • Serialisation to identify specific devices
  • Manufacturers name, part number, etc.
  • Erasing of device identification for security purposes
  • Applying programming revision numbers for traceability

Aerospace & Medical Full traceability of Aerospace and Medical devices and components may be achieved through laser marking. A variety of materials may have serial numbers etched in non-critical areas for traceability purposes thus complying with Federal Aviation Authority (FAA), Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requirements.

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Bake & Dry Pack

Sensitive electronic Devices packaged in moisture-permeable materials, such as plastic, can succumb to the effects of moisture ingress. When exposed to elevated temperatures, for example those experienced during reflow soldering, moisture trapped inside can expand and produce enough vapour to damage or destroy the device. Commonly seen failures include internal separation (delaminating) of the plastic from the die or lead-frame; wire bond damage; die damage; and internal cracks. In extreme cases, the Device will bulge and pop (often referred to as the "popcorn" effect). Reel Service offers bake processes which removes the moisture from these vulnerable devices. Our regularly maintained and calibrated ovens give us the consistent performance and capacity to meet our customers’ needs.

To maintain the dry condition of the Devices after baking the Devices are sealed under vacuum in a Moisture Barrier Bag (MBB). A Desiccant bag and Humidity Indicator Card (HIC) are placed in the MBB before sealing to maintain and indicate the condition of the product for the end user. The shelf life of product packaged in this manner is typically 1 year. If Devices required to be Taped & Reeled after Bake then provisions are made to either temporary vacuum the Devices in an MBB, whilst awaiting Tape & Reel or are Taped & Reeled directly after Bake and then Dry Packed after Tape & Reel has been completed. In all instances a Bake Lot Traveller will accompany each Batch of Devices after Bake recording exposure times at each process step.


Moisture Barrier Bag Close UpReel Service combines strict operational and environmental controls with specific customer requirements to supply an optimum bake & dry packaging service.

  • Device processing is carried out in an ESD, humidity and temperature controlled environment.
  • Full traceability is maintained through a unique batch code system.
  • Customer specific requirements can be applied to baking processes.
  • Labels may be 1D or 2D bar-coded. Custom Labels are optional.
  • Vacuumed product is packed and shipped in suitable outer packaging media to comply with the customer’s requirements.

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Component Preparation

Recovery of damaged electronic component inventory and placement attrition can save considerable sums of money. Similarly loss of hard to find parts or expensive components through damage can prove to be particularly detrimental in the supply chain.

Reel Service Ltd works closely with device manufacturers, distributors and contract electronic assembly facilities to rescue damaged devices, returning them to ‘as new’ condition and returning them to the customer packaged in carrier tapes, trays or tubes for automatic assembly.

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