The Latest Additions to Reel Service ’25 Club’

25 Year Service Award Badge

The Latest Additions to Reel Service ’25 Club’

October 08, 2020

Reel Service Ltd is proud to welcome 2 members of our valued team into the growing 25 year service ’25 Club’.

Annemarie Johnstone joined Reel Service in 1989 and in some ways is our longest serving staff member.  After taking a brief break to start a family, Annmarie re-joined the team in 1995 on our weekend shift and has been a key member of our busy Tape & Reel department ever since. 

In the early days before process automation, tape & reel was performed manually, a job which requires a great deal of manual dexterity, reproducibility and extreme attention to detail, all of which Annemarie excels at, making her a valuable asset to both our Tape & Reel Department and to our customers by ensuring that components are taped and reeled consistently to the highest standards. 

As our industry evolved and automated processes were introduced, Annemarie adapted well and her enquiring can-do attitude ensured that she remained fully trained on all processes and machines, sometimes overlapping into the Kitting Department when required.  This fully rounded skillset made Annemarie the ideal choice to work on both swing and night shifts over the years ensuring that customer demands are covered around the clock allowing Reel Service to provide the quickest turnaround possible by utilising our state-of-the-art equipment with experienced staff 24 hours per day.

Production Manager Janice Reekie who has worked with Annemarie for over 25 years is full of praise and advises Annemarie is a key member of our team and is dedicated, hardworking, helpful, forward thinking and is a team member that can always be relied upon to go beyond expectations everyday’.

Next up to join the ’25 Club’ is Carole-Anne McLaren who started her career in the 80’s when there were very few women entering Engineering. Her determination helped her overcome the odds to qualify as a Mechanical Engineer after completing an apprenticeship with Marconi Space & Defence Systems, honing her skills as Quality Engineer upholding strict MIL-SPEC standards.

Carole-Anne then joined the Reel Service Ltd team in 1995 as Quality Technician and was soon promoted to Quality Manager, a role which she has maintained ever since.

For the last 25 years Carole-Anne has deftly supported a busy multi-faceted role ensuring that the companies policies, procedures and practices are fully compliant with ISO standards, currently ISO 9001:2015.   Because Reel Service supports a broad customer base in the multiple hundreds, this also means maintaining a broad range of customer requirements, which is no mean feat and Carole-Anne’s keen eye for detail has ensured over the years that the ever changing plethora of customer requirements are understood, documented and implemented, thus ensuring that the company continues to maintain the class-leading quality statistics that are the mainstay of Reel Service’ reputation throughout the European electronics industry.

Carole-Anne Performing a Routine Quality Check on the Tape & Reel Process

Audits, internal and external on our tier 1 suppliers are also a key part of the Quality role and Carole-Anne is known for her firm but fair approach to her audits, which help to ensure the company’s continued QMS compliance.  Carole-Anne also supports offsite customer visits  and vendor audits which provide a rare chance to meet face to face with our valuable customers and vendors and to reinforce the partnerships that have been built by Carole-Anne over years and in some cases over decades.

Carole-Anne is known throughout the team for her encyclopaedic memory of past processes and procedures often recounting tests, reports and procedures (both successful and unsuccessful) from many years prior providing sound advice to the rest of team. This sage knowledge garnered over 25 years of service is invaluable to guide newer team members in assessing the validity of new process, procedure and material change ideas.

Congratulations to both Annemarie & Carole-Anne for reaching this milestone in their respective careers and the company thanks them for their dedicated service over the last 25 years.  It is experienced, knowledgeable hard-working team members such as these that continue to reinforce Reel Service’ position as  The Tape & Reel Company’.