The Latest Addition to Reel Service ‘25 Club’

25 Year Service Award Badge

The Latest Addition to Reel Service ‘25 Club’

May 20, 2019

The latest team member to join the growing Reel Service 25 year service, ’25 Club’ is Engineering Manager Adam Rigby who joined the Tape & Reel Dept. in 1994.   Adam started in the role of Operations Technician at a time when automation of the Tape & Reel process was still in its infancy.  

For the next 14 years through a period of rapid growth, Adam played a pivotal role contributing to the automation & development of the company’s process & equipment engineering capabilities.  As the company continued to grow and respond to increasing demand for it’s services, tape & reel expanded to operating 24/7.  Here, Adam played a key role as part of the technical support team providing engineering support across all shifts on days, nights & weekends, critical to ensure efficient processing of customers product and to guarantee that promised turn-around times were maintained.

When the company introduced die handlers to automate the tape & reel of CSP/Bare Die, Adam played a key role to integrate the equipment & processes into the companies portfolio of services, a role that today, Adam continues to champion.  Customer demand also drove the introduction of Device Programming where again Adam deftly took this challenge on-board and streamlined the process introduction.

Adam was then promoted to his current position of  Engineering Manager, a role which he has held for the last 11 years.  During this time, his team of Engineers & Technicians has continued to grow proportionately in order to support the tape & reel process which becomes ever more automated and technologically advanced.  One of Reel Service’ newest offerings is Package Visual Inspection (PVI) capability, the ability to inspect all 6 sides of a devices for chips, scratches, cracks & voids, again Adam has become the champion of this important new process.

In addition to being a well respected cornerstone of the Tape & Reel Dept, Adam is also a well liked team member socially.  He can often be heard before seen with his infectious laugh and zest for life. He is known for his straight forward no-nonsense approach to both work and life and loves to share his knowledge, often interspersed with a joke or humorous tale or two of his cycling or Munro bagging exploits.

Congratulations to Adam in reaching this milestone in your career, the company thanks you for your commitment, hard work & dedicated service over the last 25 years.   It is committed, experienced, knowledgeable hard-working team members such as Adam that continue to make Reel Service ‘The Tape & Reel Company’.